About Fujikin Europe

Fujikin Deutschland GmbH was founded 1984 in Düsseldorf. The Düsseldorf office is responsible for all marketing and sales related activities of the Fujikin group here in Europe.

The Fujikin Carp Group is a leading manufacturer of high-technology products for a wide range of industries. Our corporate policy is to defy boundaries and overcome limitations to technology, and we aim to be number one in every market we serve. Since our beginnings in 1930 as a wholesale dealer of pipe-laying materials and machinery tools, we have evolved into a global leader in the manufacture of specific-purpose valves, as well as precision valves and flow control systems.

The Fujikin Carp Group's products are known for their safety and reliability, and they are used throughout the semiconductor, aerospace, shipbuilding, chemical, electric power generation and technology industries. Our research and production facilities are at the cutting edge of technology and we actively promote collaboration between industry academia and the government. 

The Fujikin Carp Group is recognised not only as a manufacturer of technologically advanced products but also as a leading integrated intelligent high-technology innovator. We believe in exploring the creative potential of partnerships with different industries at  a global scale. Through these partnerships we aim to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. We appreciate your continued business and we welcome your feedback.