Carten-Fujikin’s SBV Series

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Product Overview

Carten-Fujikin’s SBV series is designed to ensure pressure containment of up to 1000psi (up to 2”), with each valve individually  serialised  and  certified  under  Cleanroom  (ISO  5)  conditions  to  operate  under  dynamic conditions at 250psi. To ensure facility flow conditions can be satisfied, the standard 2-way orientation is complimented with the 3-way series in both elbow and tee configurations. When critical to prevent any accumulation within the valve structure, cavity-filler seats can be used eliminate dead space within the valve. If cavity fillers are unnecessary, or may adversely affect the process, standard non-cavity filler seats can be utilised.

To ensure safety and functionality, the SBV series will facilitate flow and leak integrity in both forward and reverse flow condition, allowing flushing of systems upstream when necessary. A blow-out proof stem prevents any possibility of pressure surges affecting operator safety. In addition, anti-static features can be added upon request where necessary. The stem packing contains primary and secondary seals to ensure process integrity.

To  ensure  a  maintenance  friendly  assembly,  it  is  possible  to  adjust  the  stem  packing  if  necessary  to allow in-line maintenance. The valve centre body can be replaced in line also, avoiding any unnecessary product piping cut-out.

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