HiLife Butterfly Valve

Energy Industries

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Product Overview

The HiLife Ceramic Butterfly Valve has been developed to react to new challenges in industries that require solutions to control efficiently abrasive and corrosive media. Everywhere, where soft-sealed and hard-sealed metal Butterfly Valves have short lifetime, the HiLife Ceramic Butterfly Valve increases the lifespan significantly. This generates savings and long-term superior control quality.

Technical Overview

  1. Excellent, cost effective control valve for aggressive media
  2. Eliminates characteristic problems of butterfly valves in abrasive media – disc wear
  3. Ceramics are nearly universally chemical inert
  4. Full control options, including 4-20mA positioner and actuator
  5. Multiple ANSI and DIN flange standards available. ANSI 150 and 300 classes are also available