Ceramic Lined Pipes and Elbows

Energy Industries

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Product Overview

Carten Ceramic spools are utilised to protect customer systems where abrasion can be at it’s highest level – post the control valve installation, where high-velocity media streams can cause high levels of wear. This protects the customer core piping system with our 95% Alumina ceramic, and can be assembled without disrupting the pipelines.

Features of Carten Ceramic Lined Spools and Reducers

Ceramic have excellent mechanical properties:

Corrosion-Resistant: Ceramic lined spools and reducers are designed with higher endurance than spools lined with glass, rubber or plastics. They have a high endurance to most chemicals, including strong acids and alkalis.

Abrasion Resistant: Ceramics are almost equivalent to diamonds in terms of hardness asd they are highly resistant to wear.

Cavitation Resistant: Unlike stainless steel, they can handle continuous cavitation without cracking or wearing down.

Ceramic spools and reducers are not affected by changes in the pressure across the valve.


Ceramic Lined Spools and Reducers are chosen due to their immense corrosive and abrasive resistance, hardness and elasticity. The high strength of ceramics is maintained at high temperatures and high abrasiveness. This is a distinguishing factor when replacing the majority of metals, glasses, plastics, etc.