Carten-Fujikin’s BPV Series

Food And Beverage

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Product Overview

BPV Series sanitary pinch valve offers unique advantages over traditional ‘throw away’ polymer components for shut-off single use applications. The valve structure and top works is manufactured utilising polished stainless steel, allowing all tubing brands and compounds to be operated indefinitely from batch-to-batch, with no physical break to the process tubing preventing any possibility of contamination.

Single use tubing sizes from 1/8” to 1” ID can be covered using just two differing valve sizes, allowing the end user to interchange just two components whenever a new line size is required. Manual valves provide accurate flow control, with pneumatic top works and instrumentation available as required.

BPV series hybrid pinch valve for single use applications provides the most efficient and best-in-class for optimum flow control, adaptability, minimal footprint, cost effective, maintenance friendly design for critical sterile processes.  Key product features include:

  • Quick Change Out
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Multiple sizes available depending on flow patterns
  • Readily automated

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